The Phantom Pines is a solo dark folk project based out of Seattle, WA created by singer/songwriter Jann Erik. Haunted by the towering evergreens and year-round mists of the Pacific Northwest, the Phantom Pines brings dark aggression to folk music.

Crafting songs that take root in folk but draw inspiration from punk and black metal, The Phantom Pines is inspired by bands and artists such as The White Buffalo, Danzig, Ben Nichols (Lucero), Wolves in the Throne Room, Lost Dog Street Band, and The Murder City Devils.

Since 2020, The Phantom Pines has released a stream of singles such as “Always Something Wicked”, “Valley of Dry Bones”, and a cover of The Pogues’ “If I Should Fall From Grace With God”. The act has also performed extensively around the Pacific Northwest, sharing the stage with acts like Bob Wayne, The Witch and The Burro, James Hunnicutt, Danny Attack, Jeshua Marshall (of Larry and His Flask), Austin Lucas, and Matt Pless.

In 2024, The Phantom Pines is looking forward to releasing new music and is actively booking more shows in Cascadia and beyond to spread the word of Northwest Gothic Americana.

True to the meaning of Dark Folk. It has undertones of Americana, but has a very forward darkness.

- Sub-Standard Alien

Folk music with a dark, gloomy undertone. It's very fun... well, fun was the wrong word... it's very good, but again, very dark.

- Punk as Folk